[mod_python] How can I turn off apparent caching of python code?

Tobiah toby at rcsreg.com
Mon Aug 23 10:01:47 EDT 2004

(sent from wrong email first time)

Using mod_python to load an index.py file, all works as
expected.  If however, I make changes to modules that
are imported by that script,  I get odd behaviour where
old versions of the modules seem to load.

 From the FAQ, I see the suggestion:

  DEBUG = 1

  import mymodulea
  import mymoduleb

  if DEBUG:
         mymodulea = reload(mymodulea)
         mymoduleb = reload(mymoduleb)

That is O.K., but still, unwieldy.  Also,
if my imported modules import other modules,
wouldn't they have to have their own DEBUG
flag, or would the top reload() then propagate

Is this DEBUG flag method widely used?  It
would seem that something a bit more elegant
would have been created by now.



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