[mod_python] Introducing AnalyzeThat!

4mix amix at amix.dk
Wed Aug 18 18:17:40 EDT 2004

> You have done a pretty good work! (Even if pylint rates your code 
> -3.50/10 :-))
I just started coding in python, and I haven't really looked on what 
the coding standards are.
I just code what seems to be the best way to solve a problem ;-) But of 
course I will read some stuff on how to improve my Py-Code.

4mix (http://amix.dk)
What we do in life echoes in eternity

Den 18/8-2004, kl. 11.23, skrev Fabio Rotondo:

> 4mix wrote:
>> Hello again
>> http://amix.dk/at/at.zip
>> Here is the source if anybody wants to contribute - or use it (this 
>> is only a test version thought),
>> I have also added index.py - a publisher-handler primitive 
>> "unit-test".
> Hi,
> 	I have played with your class.. Now it returns a string with all the 
> information layer inside, without writing directly to req.
> I have also added a new ``analyze()`` method to AnalyzeThat class that 
> requires the object to be analized and returns a string (that can be 
> printed everywhere).
> You have done a pretty good work! (Even if pylint rates your code 
> -3.50/10 :-))
> Ciao,
>   Fabio
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