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4mix amix at amix.dk
Wed Aug 18 18:15:12 EDT 2004


To test out my applications I use unit-testing. In my opinion, that's 
the best way to test out a system.
With unit-tests you don't need to look through logs to find out an 
error - - it simply tells you where the problem is.

I simply use this class to get some information about objects.

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Den 18/8-2004, kl. 13.53, skrev Kamil Niechajewicz:

> On Tue, 17 Aug 2004 18:29:17 +0200
> Amir Salihefendic <amix at amix.dk> wrote:
>> I was pretty tired of the way that you test out stuff in mod_python.
>> I.e. you use req.write(variable), req.write(dir(object)) etc.
> Isn't it better to write some logging class with log levels similar
> to those of syslog for example? You write your debug output to that
> file and read it immediately in the other console window..
> For example:
> 	logger = Log("/tmp/debug.log")
> 	logger.logWARN("some special condition")
> 	logger.logDEBUG("result: " + `some_variable`)
> and so on.
> Then you read the file using 'tail -f' for example, which immediately
> shows you new lines from /tmp/debug.log file. I've found this method
> extremely comfortable to use.
> You can write some disable/enable mechanism, so that you can later
> do logger.setDebug(FALSE) to disable logging, which can affect
> performance on production servers where there are a lot of processed
> requests..
> I think this is one of the best methods to debug web applications,
> because it does not affect web page (like debugging using req.write()
> which prints those values on the page)
> Best regards,
> /Kamil
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