[mod_python] mod_python Live examples

Nick nick at dd.revealed.net
Wed Aug 18 09:51:13 EDT 2004

I no longer work at Rackspace, but I still work for Rackspace in the 
capacity of an independent contractor.  When I did work there, we started 
converting our internal behemoth PHP system to something a little more 
structured, testable and debuggable, i.e. Python.  You can read all about 
that in the link on the pythonology page, which is also in the O'Rielly 
"Python Success Stories" booklet (that was a freebee sent to bookstores I 
think, don't know if you can actually get copies).

Anyway, they still use it, in the capacity as a CGI that we original wrote a 
couple years back.  They have been helpful in shaping and testing PSE, which 
I wrote independently after I left Rackspace to use mod_python from the 

I don't know what their plans are for the future of Python at Rackspace, if 
any -- I'm just a contractor.  I just want to caveat that in case they say 
tomorrow that Python sucks and PHP rules!


Robert Geller wrote:

> Sorry to get off-topic, but do you work for Rackspace Nick?
> How do you guys (or Rackspace) use Python in your everyday operations?
> Robert Geller
> robert at worksofmagic.com
> This is true; when I wrote the Rackspace article we weren't using
> mod_python 
> at the time, but it is a great resource to show that REAL companies use 
> Python seriously.
> Nick
> Gabriel Cooper wrote:
>>>Not comprehensive, to be sure, but this should do:
>>My bad, that list isn't mod_python exclusive, but python in general.

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