[mod_python] Introducing AnalyzeThat!

4mix amix at amix.dk
Tue Aug 17 20:41:54 EDT 2004

Hello again

Here is the source if anybody wants to contribute - or use it (this is 
only a test version thought),
I have also added index.py - a publisher-handler primitive "unit-test".

Base class is AnalyzeThat.
Template class (where all the HTML stuff is created) is in class called 
Handler class (which also has little HTML) is called 

The flow is:
Sets self.object
Sets self.type (type of the object)
Checks what type it is.
self.content is set depending on what type it is. Some types have their 
own handlers.

_renderLayer (located in AnalyzeThatTemplate) is called - it's main 
function is to get information form self.content and to write that info 
in HTML.

Be-aware: No documentation and shit loads of list comprehension's :-D
But I think it's easy to understand if you start off from class 

4mix (http://amix.dk)
What we do in life echoes in eternity

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