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Amir Salihefendic amix at amix.dk
Sat Aug 14 10:38:57 EDT 2004

Hello Adrian

I must say: Impressive stuff!

I really like to see/read that mod_python can be used on some serious 
- - not just for play or prototypes.

Kind regards
Amir Salihefendic
What we do in life echoes in eternity

Den 14/8-2004, kl. 7.58, skrev Adrian Holovaty:
> I work for a newspaper Web site in Lawrence, Kansas, and we've been 
> using
> mod_python almost exclusively for the past year or so for our many
> content-management needs. We absolutely love it; it'd take a *lot* for 
> me and
> the other developer, Simon Willison, to change our development 
> platform.
> Here are just a few examples of our mod_python-powered sites:
> http://www.lawrence.com/
> (Has a bit of legacy mod_perl in it for the moment, on the www. 
> subdomain, but
> the rest is mod_python. This is an award-winning local entertainment 
> site.
> Check out the many cross-reference databases, from events to local 
> bands to
> multimedia to drink specials.)
> http://blogs.lawrence.com/
> (Local-community weblogs, with registration/comment functionality.)
> http://www.6newslawrence.com/
> (Local TV-station's Web site.)
> http://www.6newslawrence.com/weather/
> (TV station's weather site, combining locally-produced content and 
> various
> public weather feeds.)
> Our sites have a great reputation in the online news industry (despite 
> our
> out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere location), and we're even in the beginning
> stages of packaging our mod_python-based CMS for use by other online 
> media
> companies.
> Python and mod_python, for us, have been flexible, quick to develop in,
> powerful, robust and secure. I'd encourage you to explore them deeply 
> and
> fall in love.
> Adrian
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> Adrian Holovaty
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