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Amir Salihefendic amix at amix.dk
Sat Aug 14 00:36:06 EDT 2004

Hello Miles

I would also really like to see more examples. And get some advice :)!

Anyway, I have also done some work in PHP, ASP and eRuby - - and I must 
say that mod_python is way more powerful - - especially because you 
have such a control over the Apache server. The publisher handler is 
really great - mixing that up with PSP for handling templates - - and 
boom, you got a really neat and powerful web-development tool! But you 
really got to know what you are doing - -because there isn't much of 
help out there...

Anyway, some of you elite mod_python users, couldn't you post some 
advice - tips and tricks?
Here is some aspects I want to know more about:
- How do you build your application (structure)?
- How do you transport data in your application? Of course, you may use 
publisher, you own handlers etc - - But how do you do internal data 
transportation (i.e. for your own function calls, callbacks, classes 
- What about security? Is there some things that one should really be 
careful about? I read that some has done some work for US Air Force - - 
now I suppose security must be high on a project like that one.. How do 
you test security in mod_python? How do you secure your application?
- How do you optimize your application?  What can optimize an 
application (i.e. your experience with optimizing applications)?
- How do you debug?
- How do you handle access to a database? Do you use global connection? 
Could you share how you have builded your database system?
- How do you test your application? How are you sure that the 
application doesn't crash if there more than 50 users? Do you use 
unittesting? If you do, could you share an unittest - or describe how 
you test your application using unittesting?
Well, just write about your own experience ;-)

Kind regards
Amir Salihefendic
What we do in life echoes in eternity

Den 13/8-2004, kl. 22.24, skrev Miles K. Forrest:

> Does anyone have a comprehensive list of websites running mod_python?
> Or even websites using Python?  I'm starting to lose faith that Python
> is a better development environment than other LAMP boxes (Perl and
> PHP).  I want to believe that Python can be a better development
> platform, but I can't find anyone out there who's actually *using*
> Python or mod_python for more than just simple dynamic websites.
> Maybe if I can see what's out there it'll give me reason to push
> through and keep trying.  I'm just about ready to throw in the towel.
> -- 
> Cheers,
> Miles K. Forrest
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