[mod_python] Anyone using Cheetah for templating?

courtney ludwin courtneyludwin at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 12 13:45:46 EDT 2004


I wanted to see if anyone was using cheetah
(www.cheetahtemplate.org/) for templating, and if so
what the performance was like. 

The reason I ask is that I have not been able to get
mp+cheetah to perform well together even after
compiling templates.  On my P3-933 w/ 1Gig of ram I
can serve ~10 pages/sec using Cheetah and ~200
pages/sec NOT using Cheetah.  

-- The page I am using for benchmarking manages
sessions and makes a query to MySQL and renders the
results as html.  

I was hoping someone might have some advice...
I have been using openload
(http://openload.sourceforge.net/) for benchmarking
and it works pretty well.  

thanks in advance,

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