[mod_python] More Mod_python Doc-style help

Ertl, John John.Ertl at fnmoc.navy.mil
Tue Aug 10 11:02:48 EDT 2004


I had to take a break from mod_python, but now I am back at trying to make a
DOC-style web service.  I am using ZSI but that is just because I am using
it for an RPC style web service (without mod_python), but I am open to other

 With the help of a few of you (especially Conrad S., thanks) I was able to
get a hold of an entire SOAP message sent from an RPC client but the parsing
did not go as planned.  I am also not sure how to send back my XML message.
Does anyone have a simple doc-style client and server that I could use as an
example?   Could  the RPC client is causing problems for the doc-style

I am ,as you may have guessed, not a web services expert (barely a novice)
so the simpler the better.  I think one that just returns the same XML would
be enough to show me the working. 


John Ertl 

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