[mod_python] HTTP-Keep alive bug?

Sébastien Arnaud arnaudsj at mac.com
Thu Aug 5 23:54:51 EDT 2004


I wonder if anybody else had been getting the same problem that I 
noticed with http keep alive request being not answered properly by 
mod_python. If you take the very simple mptest example, and use ab to 
benchmark/stress this trivial example, you may notice that even though 
you are requesting to use http-keep alive (-k option in ab), the 
resulting page (http://yourserver/test/mptest.py) is forcing the 
connection to close (inspect the HTTP headers and see Connection: 

HTTP keep alive is rather important if you are trying to high 
performance/scalable apps since the clients don't have to open/close 
the http connection at each request (well, as long as they are don't 
exceed the time-out value you set in apache). Anyway, would anybody 
else mind running some similar tests to see if it is an actual bug or 
just my config (or me ;)? I am been able to verify this misbehavior on 
both OS 10.3.4 (Apache 2.0.50/mod_python 3.1.3) and Gentoo Linux 
(Apache 2.0.50/mod_python 3.1.3).

For reference here is what I run:
ab -c 7 -t 15 -k http://gentoolinux/test/mptest.py

I already verified that requesting simple .html files on this same 
apache server using the http keep-alive directive works properly.



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