[mod_python] Frames using psp

Ole Jacob Hagen waterthrill at yahoo.no
Fri Aug 6 00:52:45 EDT 2004


I 've just tried out your suggestion, but a new Frame pops up. It is not 
using the same bottom frame as I'd like to...
How do I receive and handles the form data from top_frame in bot_frame? 
I would also like to keep my frameset.

How can I accomplish this?


Ole J.

> It is possible, but it seems more an html problem than a 
> mod_python/psp related problem.
> > Do someone have a smart solution to this problem of mine?
> use the "target" attribute of the "form" html tag, like this:
> <form action="frame2.psp" method="POST" target="frame2">
> </form>
> regards,

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