[mod_python] Frames using psp

Ole Jacob Hagen waterthrill at yahoo.no
Thu Aug 5 11:22:16 EDT 2004


I am making a web-application, and I've choosed to use mod_python.

Here is my mod_python.conf
% -------  Snip of mod_python.conf: ---------%
<Directory /var/www/html/psp>
  AddHandler mod_python .psp .psp_
  PythonHandler mod_python.psp
  PythonDebug On
% ------- End of snip ----------------%

The configuration is working.
I have splitted html-files in an html-folder, psp-related and 
python-code into a psp-folder.

I will give a short description on what I would like to make:

I want two frames, where one frame is sending POSTS to second frame.

A layout sketch:

Frame 1: Consists configuration-elements to Frame2, sent as POST'S?
input1 =  number1
input2 = number2
Frame 2: Receive POSTS from GET
2.  Use Data received.
3. Add Frame1.number1 + Frame1.number2

End of layout sketch.

The layout of these two frames are pretty static, while the content are 

Is this possible?
Do someone have a smart solution to this problem of mine?
Maybe a short example can be sent to me, so I can continue work on that 
That would be awesome..

Thank you in advance.



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