[mod_python] restricted mode in server cleanup callback?

Robert Sanderson azaroth at liverpool.ac.uk
Mon Apr 26 16:35:26 EST 2004

On Mon, 26 Apr 2004, David Fraser wrote:

> >I'm having problems with server cleanup callbacks
> >(on windows, with apache 2.0.49 and mod_python 3.1.3):

My guess is that you're using Python 2.2 or earlier. Get the latest
version of Python and I think this issue will go away -- it's the way that
older versions discovered whether they were in safe mode or not that's at
fault here.  It isn't really in safe mode, but the instantiation within
apache makes it look like it is.

Other threads on this issue relate to Unicode codecs and (hence) XML 
parsing, as the codecs aren't available in restricted mode.


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