[mod_python] httplib questions

Michael S. Fischer michael at dynamine.net
Sun Apr 25 12:25:15 EST 2004

Your question isn't really about mod_python; rather, it's about making the
best use of the httplib module.  
You might want to use urllib.urlopen() or urllib.urlretrieve() instead.  The
latter class will follow redirections transparently.  
If you must use httplib, you'll need to parse the response yourself, and
then make a subsequent connection to the target URL specified in the
redirection response.
Read the relevant HTTP-related RFCs (http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/) if you'd
like to understand the inner workings of the HTTP protocol.


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Im trying to capture information from a site that I need to log into first
but Im having problems making it work.


Python 2.3.3



Im using the following example as my start


Import httplib,urllib

params = urllib.urlencode({'username': 'test', 'password': 'test')

headers = {"Content-type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded","Accept":

conn = httplib.HTTPConnection("fantasygames.sportingnews.com")

conn.request("POST", "/crs/home_check_reg.html", params, headers)

response = conn.getresponse()

return response.status



the status that is returned is 302 which I think is something to do with



1.     How do I handle 302s??

2.     can sites block you from capture data in which you are a member of
that site.

3.     Is there a good forum for Python so I can do a detailed search on the
topic of capturing web source from websites.






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