[mod_python] no fragments in uri

Daniel J. Popowich dpopowich at mtrsd.k12.ma.us
Wed Apr 21 11:45:41 EST 2004

I'm using modpython 3.1.3 built against python 2.3.2 and apache
2.0.40.  I'm not getting uri fragments from req.unparsed_uri or
req.parsed_uri.  For example, with this handler:

    from mod_python import apache

    def handler(req):

	req.content_type = 'text/plain'
	req.write('unparsed_uri: %s\n' % req.unparsed_uri)
	req.write('parsed_uri: %s\n' % str(req.parsed_uri))

	return apache.OK

And specifying this URL with my browser:


I'm getting this output:

    unparsed_uri: /~dpopowich/py/?abc=1
    parsed_uri: (None, None, None, None, None, None, '/~dpopowich/py/', 'abc=1', None)

Note how parsed_uri is also missing scheme and host info as well.

Whereas the following python script gives expected output:

    import urlparse
    print urlparse.urlsplit('http://localhost/~dpopowich/py/?abc=1#foo')


    ('http', 'localhost', '/~dpopowich/py/', 'abc=1', 'foo')

Daniel Popowich
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