[mod_python] Finally.... but where are the examples?

John Draper lists at webcrunchers.com
Wed Apr 14 16:54:04 EST 2004


i FINALLY got mod_python installed.   Main problem is the Apache
coming with OpenBSD3.4

Thanx so much to Paul Hart for his wonderful assistance in this

It turns out we were unable to get mod_python to work with the
OpenBSD version of Apache.    Bottom line!!!   It ain't going
to happen (at least not from me).  Perhaps that task could
be taken on by someone far more experienced then myself.
But if anyone manages to sucessfully do it,  then please
let me know.

Next,  we tried the Apache 1.x version,  and that didn't work.
So next I tried Apache 2...   but then discovered it would not build
with Python 2.3,  so we eventually installed Python 2.2,  and installed
it on that.   Seems to be working now,  but I've gone through the
tutorial and the testing page,  and FINALLY got that to work.
But the docs failed to give out the URL,  so after days of fiddling
around,  I was able to get that to work,   but now I'm virtually
stuck again,   due to lack of documentation.

Anyway,  I'm re-visiting the web site again,  and it appears to not
have been changed very much,  and the examples pages are virtually empty
(unless my browser may be caching last months web visit).

After spending hours looking on the web for user contributed examples,
I see none.

In particular,  I'm looking for examples on how to pass "session data"
from one session to another like file references,   database handle
references,  etc.    Of course,  there are NO examples.

Another thing,  has anyone been able to get the PostGreSQL interfaces to
work with Mod_python,  or will that just work if I install PostGreSQL
modules in python 2.2?

Again,  I ask people to please not only post your reply into the 
mailing list
(for the benefit of others),  but to also CC a copy to my other Email
address....   crunch at shopip dot com.


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