[mod_python] web frameworks

David Fraser davidf at sjsoft.com
Wed Apr 14 12:14:07 EST 2004

Kamil Niechajewicz wrote:

>Are there any good web frameworks that are working fine with mod_python
>and Apache? I see all those Webware, Quixote, Twisted, but most of them
>have their own web-servers and are not really best suited to work with
>mod_python, I guess. I need something that can be easily put into an
>Apache+mod_python application environment, and what will support XML/
>XSLT template processing, not invent their own strange things like 
>Python Template Languages and other examples of reinventing the wheel.
>Best regards,
> Kamil
This is probably not that helpful, but mod_python will work really well 
with any standard Python modules.
So you probably need to list your exact requirements (seems to be 
XML/XSLT) as not everybody wants the same stuff in a web framework...


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