[mod_python] subrequests

Evert Carton evert_carton at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 8 06:42:36 EST 2004

Hi All,

Granted, kind of newbie, but already heavily impressed by mod_python, so
I won't let it go ;-)

As the header indicates, this is about subrequests. Using 3.1.3 on
Apache 2.0.48

I want to make a subrequest in mod_python. I got a feeling this is not
implemented, yet the documentation states that req.main should point to
the main request in case I'm in a subrequest. 
I know it can be done straight in Apache using the C-API, but then
again, I'm no C-guru. 
I skimmed through the mod_python sources, attempted to make my own
implementation of a sub_request, but then again, I'm no C-guru ...

Basically, what I want to do, is issue a subrequest, and do something on
the "result" of that data. I tried whatever trickery using
internal_redirect (since that's all I could find), but it doesn't do the
trick, or I haven't found the "right" kludgery ;-)

I couldn't get it working using add_handler either. Been thinking about
working through the filters, but that seems way far off.

I can continue looking for it, but is there a standard, elegant way to
achieve what I want. 


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