[mod_python] Session variables

John Mudd mudd at vex.net
Thu Apr 1 13:34:10 EST 2004

I think the session object is auto loaded (if one already exists).  You
can request a session for a specific sid but I don't know why.  The sid
is auto saved in a cookie for you.

	session = Session.Session(req, None, secretKey)

If you saved a session before for this same client, and it hasn't
expired yet. you'll get the same session back.  If it's a mew client or
te session expired you'll get a new (blank) session.  Use is_new() to

	if session.is_new():

Once you have a session object you can store stuff in it.  Like a
dictionary.  You can also set (and later reset) a timeout.

    session['login'] = login
    session['passwd'] = passwd
    session['page'] = nextPage
    session['loginCount'] = loginCount

And it seems that a "pysid" cookie is auto generated when you save the
session object.  


Pretty cool.  Now if there is just an automatic way to tell if a new
session is the result of an old session expiring...


On Thu, 2004-04-01 at 11:58, jakob at simon-gaarde.dk wrote:
> Hello.
> I can see that you can save and load session values from mod_python 3.1,
> but unfortunately I don't understand how this works. Could someone
> elabourate with an example please?
> Best regards Jakob Simon-Gaarde
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