[mod_python] Win32 Binary of modpython 3.0.3 that has the Python 2.3 patch

David Fraser davidf at sjsoft.com
Mon Sep 29 07:54:06 EST 2003

Andy Sy wrote:

> > modpython 3.0.3 works fine with Python 2.3, but to build it you
> > need to hack src/include/mod_python.h.  There's a FAQ entry with
> > the necessary patch.
> >
> > Maybe Grisha should release a 3.0.4 with just this one patch?
> >
> > -Barry
> I second the motion.  Does anyone have such a binary?
> At the very least widespread testing will help uncover
> Python 2.3 vis-a-vis modpython 3.x bugs under Windows.

Yes, this would be a great idea.

> Does anyone have tips on how to compile modpython under
> Windows?  Is it possible to do this using MinGW?

It's fairly complex - seems to require Visual C++ 7.0, also you have to 
then build the installer on a Linux machine I think.
Search the archives of this list for more info...


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