[mod_python] undefined symbol: apr_bucket_type_flush

Neo Eureka neo at https.ru
Fri Sep 26 00:58:42 EST 2003


  Some months ago I experimented with Mandrake. I guess you've
installed Apache from a "package". AFAIK, Mandrake has some kind of
"special" Apache flavours.

  I think the best (and the fastest) solution to these problems would
be to compile (the latest version of) original Apache from sources.

> Hi again,
>   I installed mod_python on mandrake 9.1 but it only
> dumps the script content instead of executing it.

> Then I installed mod_php and I have seen that mod_python is
> not loaded at all.

> running

>   httpd -t

> I get the following messages:

>   Syntax error on line 66 of /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf:
>   Cannot load /usr/lib/apache2-2.0.44/mod_python.so into server
>   /usr/lib/apache2-2.0.44/mod_python.so: undefined symbol: 
> apr_bucket_type_flush

> So the problem seems to be this undefined apr_bucket_type_flush.

> I compiled the module using these commands

>    ./configure --with-apxs=/usr/src/apache2-2.0.44/support/apxs
>    make
>    su
>    make install

> What's wrong ?

> Thanks.
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