[mod_python] mod_python just dump the script

Luca Masini luca.masini at t-online.de
Thu Sep 25 06:57:06 EST 2003


I installed mod_python on mandrake 9.1 but it only
dumps the script content instead of executing it.

I do as explained in the installation/testing documentation.

Here some snippets of my httpd.conf file:

  # <mod_python>
  LoadModule python_module /usr/lib/apache2-2.0.44/mod_python.so
  # </mod_python>
  # <mod_python>
  AddModule mod_python.c
  # </mod_python>
  # <mod_python>
  AddHandler python-program .py
  <Directory /var/www/html/test>
      PythonHandler mptest
      PythonDebug On
  # </mod_python>

The test full path of the test program is

More or less half an year ago I had the same problem on
a Solaris machine but I can remember how it was solved.

thanks in advance.

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