[mod_python] does a mod_python handler exist to generate charts/graphs? (png images)

David Fraser davidf at sjsoft.com
Thu Sep 18 22:27:29 EST 2003

perry.tew at cibavision.novartis.com wrote:

>Hello everyone,
>   I was about the go down the road of developing a handler to generate 
>similar to the mod_perl Apache::GD::Graph.  I wanted to make sure 
>something doesn't exist
>before I reinvent the wheel.  Does anyone know of such a thing yet?  If 
>so, would you please
>provide a url?
>Perry Tew
There are several Python graphing packages which you could use towards 
this end, the question is how nicely will they plug into a web environment.
I am not aware of any that are set up to do this using mod_python.
I'm also busy looking at the problem, for an application we are 
currently converting to be web based, so discuss plans / things you find 
here and I will to and hopefully we can come up with a nice solution...


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