[mod_python] Handler publisher with multiple directories on thesame tree

Mike Looijmans mike.looijmans at asml.com
Mon Sep 8 15:40:26 EST 2003

> When I'm developing I usually have a common problem that is when I
> change a class or some file, sometimes the interpreter remains in memory
> the old version and doesn't load the new one. Is there a way to solve
> this out ? Normally I use an non elegant way, I restart apache!

I use the "reload" built-in function. This loads an internal module from
My main handler checks if the path_info of the URL is "/request" and if so,
runs the following (you could use publisher to publish this interface as
All "my" modules are named "ops_" something. You could also use the __file__
location as a filter.

def reloadmodules(req):
    '''Try to reload all ops_ modules. This is typically done after updating
    imported scripts, such as ops_cgisql.py. The main scripts will be
    reloaded automatically on demand, so that there is no need to send
    a reload after changing ops_webrellist.py or so.
    This also throws away old DB connections. If there are currently
    active connections, these are preserved.'''
    # Reload python modules
    modules = sys.modules.keys()
    for module in modules:
        if module[:4] == 'ops_':
                req.write('Reloading: %s\n' % module)
                req.write('%s: %s\n' % sys.exc_info()[:2])
    # throw away DB connection objects
    req.write('Destroy DB cached connections\n')

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