[mod_python] correction: cannot get mod_python3.1a to run against python2.3

perry.tew at cibavision.novartis.com perry.tew at cibavision.novartis.com
Wed Sep 3 13:59:36 EST 2003

    Earlier in the thread talking about 3.1a, I reported that I was 
successfully running 3.1a against 2.3.   It appears I was wrong. 
During the install, mod_python found my python2.3 directory in the 
registry and placed its files there, but as I've started developing with 
I realized it was using my old Python2.2 directories for the python path. 
After I uninstalled 2.2, it stopped working.  Strange. 

Let me ask you, how does the mod_python.so know 
which libraries to link to?  Any idea why it would find 
the 2.2 version and not 2.3?   I now receive the following 
message from apache:
Cannot load C:/perryapps/py/Apache2/modules/mod_python.so into server: The
specified module could not be found.

When I start up python with -, I receive the following output:
Python 2.3 (#46, Jul 29 2003, 18:54:32) [MSC v.1200 32 bin (Intel)] on 

What python version did you build the windows version of 3.1a against?

I also see some comments about mcvcr70.dll in the cvs repository.  I don't 
this file in my system.  Then again, your comments in cvs state that it's 

Is there any other information I can provide to help troubleshoot this for 
I wish apache would tell me why it can't load mod_python.so.  Is there an 
to force apache to devulge additional information?

Sorry for confusion, again, I'm new to all of this.

Perry Tew

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