[mod_python] PSP imports

Dan W. dwmp at opti.cgi.net
Mon Nov 24 22:53:46 EST 2003

It appears as though the PSP module doesn't check dependencies for 
modification times.  If I create a module and reference it from a PSP page 
and make a request for the page, then I change the module and make a second 
request the module is not reloaded.  Has this been overlooked or is this a 

Also, it appears as though the PSP module prefers to store its cached 
compiled code in a DBM file instead of memory.  Why bother with a DBM 
file?  So long as each Apache process is setup to handle a sufficiently 
large number of requests before killing itself then wouldn't a memory only 
solution be faster, especially in the worker process model?  It seems a 
little strange that DBM is preferred over memory storage.


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