[mod_python] Access to apache namespace in PythonPath

Michael S. Fischer michael at dynamine.net
Mon Nov 10 12:54:42 EST 2003

Michael C. Neel wrote:

> Would each be under his own virtual server in apache then, and therefore
> have his own config section?  This just seems to be saving some typing
> the the httpd.conf file, a few lines above the PythonOption will be
> DocumentRoot.  

I'm concerned with ServerRoot, not DocumentRoot.  I don't store my 
mod_python code in the static file store.

> mod_perl goes insane and allows programming logic in the
> conf file, and this is a bad thing imho; nothing like restarting a
> server that doesn't come back because of a programmin error inside the
> conf and quickly trying to debug it while the entire server remains
> down.

The mere fact that we can do suboptimal things with technology shouldn't 
preclude its availability.


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