[mod_python] Mod_python 3.1.2b, sethandler + dir listning problem

Svenne Krap svenne at krap.dk
Mon Nov 3 22:42:40 EST 2003

Quite simple right now.
- one handler-function (just printing out varios req-object attributes, 
nothing fancy until I have solved my problem.)
- one authenhandler-function (containing only "return apache.OK")

Btw. another possible sligt change in behavior, earlier, when having the 
require-valid user set and return apache.OK immediately no popup for 
password noticed (as far memory servers). Now it pops up, but anything 
is accepted (which is expected, the popping up of the password-dialog is 
not expeced....)


Gregory (Grisha) Trubetskoy wrote:

>what's in the python script?
>On Sat, 1 Nov 2003, Svenne Krap wrote:
>>I am toying around with mod_python on a gentoo-linux system. Prior I
>>used the Gentoo ebuilds (mod_python v. 3.0.1), but now I installed the
>>beta from source.
>>This is what I wish :
>>Every request is handled by the same python-handler for the virtual
>>domain. I am currently playing around and creating my own handler in the
>>It has worked before, with the following relevant parts of my httpd.conf
>>(be aware, internal test server so a lot off things are just made
>>simple, not secure/right):
>>NameVirtualHost *
>><Directory "/www/tweetie">
>>        SetHandler python-program
>>        PythonHandler site
>>        PythonAuthenHandler site
>>        PythonDebug On
>>        Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
>>        AllowOverride All
>>        Order allow,deny
>>        Allow from all
>>        AuthType Basic
>>        AuthName "Restricted Area"
>>        require valid-user
>><VirtualHost *>
>>        ServerName tweetie
>>        DocumentRoot /www/tweetie
>>But now, when I browse to "http://tweetie/" i get a directory listning
>>instead of the python script... If I write anything after the trailing
>>slash, everything works fine.
>>Can you tell me, what I did wrong and how to fix it ?
>>Svenne Krap
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