[mod_python] ANNOUNCE: gila, mod_python util library

Michael C. Neel neel at mediapulse.com
Mon Nov 3 11:31:25 EST 2003

Wow, this is pretty cool - I see requests for items like these a lot on
this list so it should be helpful to quite a few.  I have one question

> - Shared database connections. There is a simple class which 
> wraps the DBA API 
>   connection objects for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SAPDB. It 
> just adds enough 
>   code to transparently recover from a connection timeout.

Does this work for 3.x and apache using a threaded mpm like worker?
I've had trouble getting MySQLdb to share connections/cursors from a
pool in the past since the thread level of the API is 1 (no threaded
cursors).  I had planned to work on this in the coming weeks, but no
since re-inventing the wheel =)


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