[mod_python] strange util.FieldStorage() behavior

Karsten Backhaus kaback at kaback.de
Wed May 28 14:16:00 EST 2003


On Wed, May 28, 2003 at 03:43:38PM +0400, Neo Eureka wrote:
>   I also suspect some memory leakage caused by mod_python3. I do not
> have time to investigate what and where is going on. I use mod_python
> with much more complicated code (internet shop, for example), and I
> saw constant memory growth. Though it's small, as compared to the
> total memory apache2 + mod_python3 take, that gives rise to somewhat
> bad feeling. :)

well, i'am using  python within much more complicated code too, in fact,
that code is so complicated, that each time it is requested the memory
usage of my apache is rising about 64kb. i'am using POST method to
submit xml content and the code is called many times within one second.

are there other methods to get POSTed form data from within an mod_python 
script than util.FieldStorage()?


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