[mod_python] Urgent Help Needed

Graeme Matthew graeme_matthew at hotmail.com
Wed May 28 13:18:09 EST 2003

Hi all

sorry to bug you all, but I am at the point of giving up. I have taken off 2 
days so I can do some python development and in true fashion I still after 
bloody 8 hours cannot get modpython to work on linux that took 5 minutes on 
windows !!! and I hate windows !!!!! this make me even more angry :-)

I am using Mandrake 9.1 with this new Advanced Extranet Server that is 
installed by default and it is causing lots of headaches !

I cannot run the ./configure file as apxs is nowhere to be found on the 
machine, yet there is dso support as they have included mod_perl etc. I have 
now spent the last 3 hours trying to get the httpd-devel files, and this is 
even worse as each time you get an rpm then there is another 50 rpms 
dependencies (well not that much)

Does anyone know where one can get a mod_python binary install for linux 
just like the one that exists for Windows as I cannot afford to spend my 2 
coding days trying to get mod_python working, if there is no such file then 
thats fine, ill forget it all together.

Is it worthwhile me blowing the entire Advanced Extranet Server (ADVX) 
installation and getting building apache from scratch to get all the devel 
files etc for modPython ?

Any help will be appreciated as I do not know what to do now ...

Many thanks

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