[mod_python] Re: Mapping a URI to pages dynamically.

Van Gale news at exultants.org
Sat May 17 17:47:08 EST 2003

Etienne Posthumus wrote:
> On Friday, May 16, 2003, at 23:57 Europe/Amsterdam, VanL wrote:
>> 3. quixote + mod_python. This is a central feature of quixote, and 
>> they do it very nicely. Advantage: the mapping of the URL-space to the 
>> code-space is very elegant.  Disadvantage (at least for me): I don't 
>> like ptl (their html generation system) as much.
> BTW, you could also use other template systems with Quixote, for example 
> there is the standalone  SimpleTAL which looked quite good. (I haven't 
> used it yet, the author claims extensive Zope TAL and METAL compatibility)

This is close to the approach I'm going to use.

I'll use Quixote for the object publishing, session handling, etc.  For 
templating I'll use PTL for generating programmed web-pages (e.g. RSS 
feeds) and PyMeld for pages that need to be "designed".


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