[mod_python] restricted execution mode and PyXML

Christopher Blunck cblunck2000 at yahoo.com
Thu May 1 20:23:12 EST 2003

Hi all-

Am working with ZSI under mod_python.  The problem I'm
running into is that ZSI imports PyXML, which uses
dynamic module importing to load encoders for various
xml codecs (UTF-8 being the most common encoder). 
When the PyXML code tries to do the dynamic module
import, the Python interpretter prevents it with an
error something like "cannot dynamically import module
during restricted execution mode".  Forgive me for not
quoting the exact error, as I'm currently upgrading
the OS on that box right now to RH 9.

This occurs with the latest mod_python (3.0.3) with
PyXML 0.7.1 and httpd 2.0.40.

Has anyone else had success in importing PyXML modules
within code run by modpython?

Or, does anyone have any information they'd be willing
to share to help me out (e.g. "you might try and check
out XXX or YYY").  Anything would be useful to me at
this point.


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