[mod_python] Why are you using mod_python?

Peter Bittner peter.bittner at gmx.net
Sun Mar 30 22:55:55 EST 2003

Hi there!

I like mod_python because I like Python and I am glad whenever I can use it
to write web applications. Customers, however, in most cases ask me to go for
PHP or so since this is easier to find programmers for for maintenance

> Personally, my primary goal in using it (and other mod_* language
> modules) is to improve the performance/scalability of my CGI applications.

This is true for me, too.

> Unfortunately, I really dislike the Publisher handler's way of doing
> (the programname.py/method URL syntax feels silly to me) and it seems
> like most people are very down on the capabilities and stability of the
> CGI handler so I find myself just going plain CGI anyway for many things
> now when I use python.

This is absolutely true for myself, too. Clearly, I would appreciate
mod_python to have nothing but advantages, but it does have those unconfortable

> Almost all introductions I've seen to mod_python begin with a
> tutorial on creating a handler.  I'd venture a guess that writing
> handlers is what fewer than 1% of web developers want to do
> with an apache module initially.  In my experience, most people
> want to write some code and have it run faster than it would run
> under straight CGI...they don't want to write custom handlers.

I absolutely agree. This is my opinion, too.

I also do not see why modifying the webserver's (Apache's) configuration
should be advantagous when I, say, add a new directory to my web project. When I
want to write, say, a website, I do not want to go into /etc/apache.conf (I
might not even have access to it!), but I want to go straight into coding.
And porting this code to another webserver should not be a nightmare, but a job
of copying the .py files, that's it.

I like Python and I'd be happy to see mod_python becoming as popular for web
programming as PHP is today.

Cheers, Peter

Peter Bittner
mail: peter.bittner at gmx.net

"Free software is like free speech, not free beer" (Richard Stallman)

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