[mod_python] Why are you using mod_python?

Frank S. Fejes III frank at fejes.net
Fri Mar 28 23:14:12 EST 2003

Nobody has responded yet...I've been curious myself.  Personally, my primary
goal in using it (and other mod_* language modules) is to improve the
performance/scalability of my CGI applications.  Unfortunately, I really
dislike the Publisher handler's way of doing things (the
programname.py/method URL syntax feels silly to me) and it seems like most
people are very down on the capabilities and stability of the CGI handler so
I find myself just going plain CGI anyway for many things now when I use

Not to start religious wars, but I find myself using and enjoying mod_ruby
the most of all the web development "environments".  It's simple to use for
the basics while maintaining a very neat and clear way of manipulating
requests and performing advanced tasks.  As an added bonus, eruby (inline
ruby ala asp/php) is nicely integrated.

On a somewhat tangential note, I think mod_python documentation reflects
strangely on what target audience might be interested in the module.  Almost
all introductions I've seen to mod_python begin with a tutorial on creating
a handler.  I'd venture a guess that writing handlers is what fewer than 1%
of web developers want to do with an apache module initially.  In my
experience, most people want to write some code and have it run faster than
it would run under straight CGI...they don't want to write custom handlers.

It's late and I'm tired so take everything I say with a grain of salt! :)


On Fri, 28 Mar 2003 17:38:48 -0500 (EST)
"Gregory (Grisha) Trubetskoy" <grisha at modpython.org> wrote:

> Hello everyone -
> As the original author of mod_python I think I'm allowed to jerk people's
> chains with this simple question:
> Why are you using mod_python?
> You can reply on or off list, either is fine. The results, after I get to
> mull over them will be published in one way or another.
> I've decided to ask the list because I recently realized that I am not
> sure I know the answer. Not to say that I don't like mod_python, on the
> contrary, I do, but to formulate in words exactly why is rather difficult.
> Besides, my opinion is biased anyway :-)
> Thanks in advance!
> Grisha
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