[mod_python] has anyone successfully built mod_python3.03 on OpenBSD?

David Higgs drh9296 at ritvax.rit.edu
Thu Mar 20 18:29:21 EST 2003

I haven't got around to getting mod_python working on my setup yet, but 
here's a heads-up...

There's a good chance that OpenBSD3.2's apache2 is chrooted to 
/var/www/, just like the default apache1.x.  You'll have to have a 
separate python install within /var/www/ or disable the chroot.

Can you paste the specific problems you're getting?  Maybe someone can 
help you out.


Mark Taylor wrote:
> I've been using OpenBSD3.2, apache2.0.43 and python2.2.1
> apxs is not building mod_python.so.  I've found similar plaints in the
> threads, but no solutions.

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