[mod_python] session management in mod_python

Jesper L. Nielsen lyager at phunkbros.dk
Tue Mar 11 12:18:05 EST 2003

* Ondrej Sury (sury.ondrej at globe.cz) [2003-03-11 11:03]:
> Since I still haven't found what I am looking for ;-) (no, I have found
> search page for mailing list archive), I just want to ask if there is some
> module which is solving /subj. (something like php has) ie. setting session
> cookie, loading session variables etc.

Personally I'm pretty happy with PyWebLib
(http://www.stroeder.com/pylib/PyWebLib/), which is very customize-able 
:) .  I'm sure, though, that there are many other possibilities.

Jesper L. Nielsen

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