[mod_python] Full Path Info on Request object

Jeremy Lowery jermnsar at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 1 20:04:23 EST 2003


I'm writing my own publisher, and I don't understand why mod_python doesn't 
include the full pathname in the req.filename attribute.

In my .htaccess

SetHandler python-program
# My Custom Publisher in this directory
PythonHandler ServletPublisher
PythonDebug On

I make a request:

and printing out the variables:

req.uri /~jermnsar/foo/bar/test/hmm
req.filename C:/Documents and Settings/jermnsar/My Documents/My Website/foo

What would be an easy way to resolve to
C:/Documents and Settings/jermnsar/My Documents/My Website/foo/bar/test/hmm

or at least easily extract the /bar/test/hmm

Would be easy to do with some string manip I suppose, but I'm looking for 
faster (i.e. quicker CPU wise) way.

Why does the translation from the web path to the physical path only include 
the first element?

Windows XPsp1/Apache 2.0.44/mod_python 3.0.1

Jeremy S Lowery

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