[mod_python] value too large for PgNumeric

Adrien Plisson rien at YEEPA.ORG
Thu Jun 26 10:36:08 EST 2003

Julio Mendoza wrote:
> this error:
> File "/usr/lib/python2.2/site-packages/pyPgSQL/PgSQL.py", line 1335, in
> __init__
>     raise OverflowError, "value too large for PgNumeric"
> is produced by this query:
>       ...
> only for a few alternatives.
> Any help? thanks.

This exception seems to be thrown from PgSQL, so has nothing to do with mod_python.
It may surely tell you that you have to much result to be stored in a variable, 
causing an overflow. try decomposing your query to see which part is erroneous.

by the way, try to simplify your query: this does not seem to be efective...
	prop.tipo_de_propiedad_id = tdp.tipo_de_propiedad_id
	and prop.tipo_de_propiedad_id=%s
this too...
	prop.propiedad_id in (
				fotos fot
				fot.propiedad_id = prop.propiedad_id


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