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On Tuesday 24 June 2003 21:32, mod_python at mikebell.org wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 24, 2003 at 05:07:29PM -0700, Jonathan Gardner wrote:
> > I suggest PostgreSQL as a database. Others will suggest MySQL, SQL
> > Server, Oracle, or Sybase.
> >
> > So go start learning about databases, and how best to use them! ;-)
> Of course, some people prefer not to use a giant, bloated SQL database
> every time they need to store any sort of data. :-)

So don't use SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase or MySQL. Use PostgreSQL. ;-)

> If your data storage needs are a little less complicated and you're
> having trouble justifying SQL, try something like berkeley db or just
> the filesystem.

This is equally valid. My problem is that every time I get to start using one 
of these, it ends up with so much data that I should've gone with the 
database from the very beginning. If you *know* your data set is never going 
to get very large, then using files or Berkeley DB is a very, very good idea.

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