[mod_python] global persistence

1 1 mod_py at ua.fm
Wed Jun 25 10:18:02 EST 2003

> You will need to use some explicity shared memory, either from a mmap'd file 
> or
> a shm segment.  This will imply a custom memory allocator and custom 
> malloc()/
> free() - like functions.  But you will need to make python use this shared
> memory, and I have no idea if that is possible.

yes, there's shm module for py
I actually learned all about it before post to conference.
Problem with it - it provides file-like behaviour.
So I can use files as well (but without locking shm module provides).
But I have to store my data after each change.
Storing to file (or shm memory) mean pickle/unpickle.
While placing object in shared memory with direct access would save a lot of 
So actually I was hoping someone will tell me how to allocate py object in 
apache 2.0 shared memory and attach that space to python interpreter address 
space (is such things are possible)

-> CTAPT -> http://start.alkar.net 

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