[mod_python] Re: mod_python on Windows

Bill Eldridge bill at rfa.org
Mon Jun 23 11:57:33 EST 2003

Brian Lenihan wrote:

>You are both having similar problems according to your posts to the
>mod_python list.
>For unknown reasons, the mod_python binary is compiled using MSVC 7,
>which is a problem for most people.
>The instructions here:
>still apply to mod_python 3.0.3
>The mod_python binary available from apache.org is linked to Python
>2.2, so you can't use Python 2.3, Bill, you have to use 2.2.x.  I am
>currently using 2.2.3 without any problems.
Okay, it loads with 2.2.3, but I'm getting the ImportError: No module 
named _apache
from my cgi-bin (when run from within Apache, *NOT* from the the command 
Any idea what PYTHONPATH, PATH, etc. might help it find _apache? (which
I assume should be loaded from the c:\Program Files\Apache 
Group\Apache2\modules dir,
with the LoadModule python-module modules/mod_python.so  directive, but 
seem to be).


>Apache2 requires XP service Pack 1, Peter, so that may be why you
>are having problems with Apache, in addition to the mod_python crash
>at start up.

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