[mod_python] tcltkaqua and IDLE

emf i at mindlace.net
Wed Jun 11 11:34:03 EST 2003


I've installed TclTkAquaBl- and i installed IDLE from the 
package manager. When I run it, it launches and quits.
When I open it from the command line it does the same.

When I do:


I get:

RuntimeError: tcl.h version (8.4) doesn't match libtcl.a version (8.4)

If I comment out the test for if tcl_version != _tkinter.TCL_VERSION 
everything works fine.

Is this because I installed 8.4.2 instead of 8.4.1?

(on a tangental note, if I ever don't want these packages any more, 
what can I do?)



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