[mod_python] Write your own appserver in mod_python!

Neo Eureka neo at https.ru
Mon Jun 9 12:35:41 EST 2003

> I think the mod_python community should be a community of diverse
> opinions 
> and diverser projects. Topics like "What is the best way to handle a 
> session?" will always yield at least five different answers. At least we 
> will be able to cherry pick the one that works best for our situaton,
> and 
> coding it up will be no problem. Let's encourage others to explore the
> app 
> server solution space, and to share their creations with our community.

> So, in that regard, I do fear PSP becoming integrated into the mod_python 
> project. I fear because it will give the wrong impression to the newbies. 
> It will give them the impression that there is only one good app server out 
> there, and PSP is it. This is incredibly false, and dangerously deceptive. 
> I would hope that somewhere on the introduction page to mod_python, it says 
> in big bold letters:

>         PSP is an example of what *you* can do with mod_python. If you like it, use
>         it. If anything is disagreeable, go check out these other projects. If
>         nothing suits your tastes, *write* *your* *own* and share it with us!

  I just want to wholeheartedly support the authors' opinions!

Neo Eureka / mailto:neo at https.ru

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