[mod_python] Killer Web Apps

Dustin Mitchell dustin at ywlcs.org
Sun Jun 8 11:29:18 EST 2003

Let's take a step back and look at what we're doing here.

We're trying to invent the perfect solution to everyone's problems.  Now, any
of us that have done any appreciable amount of web development know that
there is an enormous variety in the tasks that are out there.  No single
solution is going to hack it for every problem.  Personally, I use Zope, PHP,
mod_python with publisher, mod_python directly, Python CGI, and occasionally
the Python interpreter and GNU make.  Every task calls for different tools.

If you want to design a killer app, take all of the "I like this feature" and
"$PRODUCT has that" that you see here, generalize completely, and build a
framework into which each can be plugged on an as-needed basis.

What you'll end up with will be Apache with mod_python, though perhaps with a
little bit more pluggability on mod_python's part.  Right now, that's where
we should be focusing our attention.  What are the paradigms under which you
wish your web server would invoke your scripts?  How can the Python-facing
end of mod_python be structured to support that paradigm?

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  Dustin Mitchell
  dustin at ywlcs.org/djmitche at alumni.uchicago.edu

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