[mod_python] Announcement: Roadkill version 0.01 "Kitten"

Gre7g Luterman gre7g-k-modpython.e475ec at wolfhome.com
Thu Jun 5 22:35:39 EST 2003

And now for something completely different...  

I'd like to announce my new mod_python project "Roadkill".

Roadkill is a Python-language version of PHP/ASP.  It lets you embed 
Python code within a .epy webpage to generate dynamic content.  This 
lets you edit your code with your favorite GUI webpage editor instead 
of pasting HTML into your CGI or keeping a bunch of templates that 
your CGI imports.

The homepage for Roadkill can be found at: 

The documentation is thin and the bugs are most likely numerous (what 
can you expect for version 0.01?), but if any of you would like to 
play with it, I would certainly appreciate comments and bug reports.  
It may not be much to look at now, but hopefully you'll agree that it 
has great potential.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled mailing list.  ;-)


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