[mod_python] How Free Memory?

JorgeLópez jorge.lopez at scati.com
Tue Jun 3 15:57:27 EST 2003

I try this simple code:

	from mod_python import apache
	def handler(req):
		req.write("Hello World!\n")
		return apache.OK

My Apache's configuration is:

	<Directory "C:/Archivos de programa/Apache Group/Apache2/htdocs/python/">
		AddHandler python-program .py
		PythonHandler mptest
		PythonDebug On

Well, I open the page 'http://localhost/python/mptest.py' and, of course, I 
see 'Hello World' at screen.
Then, I press down F5 (to update) and hold down the key. I observe 'Admin 
Task' and use of memory is increasing!!!
Process is named 'Apache' always continues growing. I close navigator and 
memory isn't freed.
How can I free this memory?

I use: Apache 2.0.44, Python 2.2.2, mod_python 3.0

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