[mod_python] Re: Mod_Python 2.7.8 and threading

Russell Yanofsky rey4 at columbia.edu
Sun Jun 1 18:39:25 EST 2003

Apache 1.3 doesn't _use_ threading, but this doesn't explain why merely
calling Thread.start() in an apache process would cause it to lock up. I'm
trying to add mod_python support to an open source project (ViewCVS) and I'd
like to avoid making apache 2 a requirement for it, although I will try
upgrading apache on my own server. Any more information on mod_python 2.x
and threading would be much appreciated.

- Russ

Hr. Daniel Mikkelsen wrote:
> On Sun, 1 Jun 2003, Russell Yanofsky wrote:
>> Hi, I'm trying to get write a multithreaded script to run under
>> mod_python and apache 1.3 on linux, but the script seems to just
>> freeze up at the point of thread creation leaving the http
>> connection open but not doing anything else.
> Apache 1.3 doesn't support threading. So neither does mod_python when
> combined with it. Upgrade Apache.
> -- Daniel

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