[mod_python] qdemo/publish_error not working for IE with mod_python

Ted Nienstedt tnienstedt at telesyn.com
Sat Jul 26 09:30:54 EST 2003

I installed Quixote on Linux RedHat 9 and installed the qdemo as
described in
and also doc/demo.txt .  Everything worked fine with the cgi-bin in the
URL.  I've since switched to mod_python and added the <LocationMatch>
directive to httpd.conf.
Once I made the switch to mod_python I encountered a couple of apparent
"bugs" in quixote's http_request.py which I fixed by passing an empty
string instead of None in the 2nd arg of environ.get().  After making
this fix everything works with mod_python, but qdemo/publish_error from
IE returns the standard IE 400 Bad Request.
It works fine with mod_python from Opera or from the local lunix machine
with Mozilla.
Any clues or suggestions?
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