[mod_python] Passing Cursor Objects

Greenbeard greenbeard400 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 17 21:00:43 EST 2003

Sorry bout the premature email.  Stupid touchpad on
the laptop here.....

Is it possible to pass the acutal cursor between

I can attach the cursor as a value on an <input> tag
and when I submit the form and I print the variable
passed I get the <MySQLdb.cursors.Cursor instance at
0x04AC1038> but if I reference it in future operations
I get "'str' object has no attribute 'execute' "

Based on the documentation I see that I could pass the
connection or I can move the cursor information out of
the cursor and pass it as a string.  But am I missing
something here that would allow me to use the cursor

I am using the publisher handler if that makes a


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